29 Jun 2016

The risky business of BDSM?

RT travels to several BDSM dungeons to speak with pro-dommes and masters about the troubles their business faces in a recession.

From using devices most wouldn’t allow anywhere near their naked parts, to whipping, to humiliation on vacuum beds – welcome to BDSM.

“I get really turned on when I beat somebody, for sure," said professional dominatrix Julie Simone.
A practice enjoyed by some of the rich and powerful, looking to be punished for their bad deeds – in a sexier way.

Despite what some may think, BDSM is far from being a set of kinky games. Professionals have recently discovered that economic and social realities taking place in the U.S. get reflected in what clients ask for behind closed doors.
“The economy has given them some tough times, and they still want someone to whip them into shape. But with more of a softer hand,” said professional dominatrix Nina Payne. 

“Every time there is another Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo outbreak, we get people who want to be interrogated. Now it’s corporal punishment. Canes, rods. Punishment is called for! And now the same people are coming in asking to be caned,” said Master R, Head Master at La Domaine, a BDSM Chateau, about Wall Street bankers’ changing preferences.
No actual sex is performed.

“We are legally constrained from doing anything sexual. We always tell people, if you don’t like that, write your Congressman,” explained Master R.
Dungeons such as this one have a lot to offer.
“Hands can be cuffed by the side of the head. For people who come in here with a great deal of facial piercing, we can tie them up by their face,” said Master R showing one device to RT.

22 Jun 2016

The Medieval transgender poem

I was reading through some of my favourite blogs and came upon this delightful gem. Although transgender issue did exist in medieval times, this is an enlightened poem by a 14th century Jewish philosopher. 

The story about a medieval  poem on  becoming your true gender.

Many of you will have met the following argument in the transgender debate:

Since crossdreaming and transgender identities are social constructs, they are most likely to be the end product of modern Capitalist society, the Patriarchy or something equally sinister -- an line of argument which will most likely lead to a discussion about sexualization and fetishes.

This impression is reinforced by the fact that historians and art scholars have had a tendency to ignore -- or outright censor -- the voices of gender variant people from other cultures and epochs.

As I pointed out in my blog post on  crossdreamers in the Kama Sutra, until recently all English translations of that work skipped the part about straight women dominating straight men, most likely because it was considered threatening to the world order or impossible to understand.

So a lot of work is needed in this field. I am confident that if we look, we will find crossdreamers and transgender people in all cultures and all periods of time. They lives will be expressed in different manners according to  local language and cultural framework (as they are today), but they will have this in common: A desire or a need to express or be recognised as their true gender or as a blend of the two.

A Medieval Poem About the Longing to Become a Woman

3 May 2016

Anything for My Mistress. A BDSM session review

As I stood there with my mind running wild with what was about to happen, Mistress went about preparing the room behind me, making lots of noise, metal chains clanging, wire being pulled through, draws opening and closing. To humour Mistress as well she had a Guns n Roses CD on which happened to then start playing the song "Pretty Tied Up", much to her delight. After preparing the equipment, and then me (with ankle suspenders and a gag, as well as the reason for my nickname, my bell that goes round my cock), and asked me over to the bench.

Once to the bench Mistress asked me to lay on my back and then put my ankles up which she one-by-one attached to the suspender. At this point she then stepped back and started to raise me up bit by bit. This felt fine until it got to the point of actually going off the bench when on no longer being supported by it I panicked. It's hard to describe but the feeling of having nothing supporting you and then spinning around, all whilst upside down is a massive shock to the system and one its almost impossible to prepare for. All credit to Mistress who was amazing and brought the bench back to where my hands could hold it. This immediately helped calm me down, and after a bit of talking, breathing and getting used to the sensation the bench was removed, and there I was, dangling, naked, upside down in front of Mistresses mirror, an extremely surreal sight to see staring back at you. At this point Mistress tied my hands to the floor via rope, which it must be said makes you feel a lot more secure, but also meant now Mistress felt free to introduce some pain, firstly padding my ass and pulling my jingling cock, before getting some clips and attaching them to my nipples and then my balls.

At this point Mistress asked if I was ok to lose the tied hands, which I very much appreciated, my wellbeing and comfort in the scene was evidently paramount to her. I said yes and Mistress then added a blindfold to me to increase the experience. At this point she tried swinging me which again brought on the same weird feelings as earlier, but through talking we realised that swinging backwards and forwards was fine. Mistress now with this knowledge took full advantage of it, by swinging me backwards and forwards by my jingling balls. Then we moved on again, this time to tackling spinning. To do this Mistress spun me before I had to guess where I landed. Needless to say I was terrible at this and was wrong every time! Sometime during this one of the clamps had fallen off, though this as soon remedied with Mistress attaching it to my cock. Soon after all this it was time to come down.

The session blew my mind and I felt, as Mistress said she did, that I had come on miles. Just to keep me thinking about the next session though I was informed that next time Tinkerbelle is going to be dressed like Tinkerbelle...... oh the joys..... then again, anything for Mistress.

New online version of BDSM Checklist

I have now created an online - fill in as you print - version of My checklist for new clients.