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16 Apr 2018

Mistresses, Madams and Super-Heroes

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La cérémonie

“Mistresses, Madams and Super-Heroes: The Rising Affection for the Dominatrix” 

In a previous publication, with the audience studies on-line research journal Participations, I listed a short range of stereotypes found in popular culture of practitioners in the BDSM ‘scene’ – BDSM referring to Bondage, Domination and Sadomasochism, a range of practices and lifestyles which are part of the playing out of narratives or scenarios of power exchange, both sexual and non-sexual, for the pleasure of all involved. These stereotypes I labelled: the Mature Dominatrix and her typical partner, the Young Male Sub; also the Vamp Dominatrix and the Public Authority Male Sub. The Mature Dominatrix is a sexually rapacious yet motherly figure, often from a working-class background, epitomised – or perhaps established in our imagination by – the great British madam, Cynthia Payne. Typically, this stereotype will be seen with her binary opposite, the naïve, weedy Young Male Sub who is humiliated by her admonishments and punishments. The Vamp Dominatrix is a more enchanting, sensational stereotype, she is younger and more attractive and is more likely to appear to be middle or upper class, or perhaps an exotic Other from France or Japan. She is far more dangerous in her practices than the Mature Dominatrix, and so is easily able to take in hand the Public Authority Male Sub in his more hard-core punishments. He requires, and can afford, relief from his important role in society as judge, politician, senior police officer, and so forth. The Mature Dominatrix typically appears as part of a satirical comic episode or advertisement, and whilst the Vamp Dominatrix also appears in such an episode, the laugh is more on the Male Sub than on the dangerous female herself. It is not too hard to see that part of the popular consumption of these stereotypes, one of the things that allows them to be popular, is the satirising of the normative behaviour of the masculine male by causing him to submit to a dominant female. The submissive female does not conform to our sensibilities: the woman who wishes to submit to a dominant male, despite being in a role-played SM scenario may be regarded as setting back feminism about fifty years.

Today, I would like to move on from these stereotypes to explore representations of the Dominatrix in the context of representations of women, apply some key critical frameworks and highlight some other roles and environments in which she operates, sometimes under a very different guise. Very little is written about the Dominatrix as represented in the media, and what can be found is within relatively recent work that is principally concerned with the increase of ‘tough’ or ‘dominant’ roles for women in the movies from the 1980s onwards, and it is to some of these sources that I would like to turn before I propose a number of things.

13 Apr 2018

No Pain, No Gain?

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No Pain, No Gain? Therapeutic and Relational Benefits of Subspace in BDSM Contexts

Journal of Positive Sexuality, Vol. 3, November 2017 © 2017 Center for Positive Sexuality


The experiencing of subspace (i.e., an altered psychological, emotional, and/or physiological state) is somewhat common among individuals who identify as masochists and submissives within the Bondage and Domination/Dominance and Submission/Sadism and Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (BDSM; Connolly, 2006) community. Because the BDSM community has been historically vilified due to stereotypes reinforced by negative media exposure and inadequate education (Langdridge, 2006), relatively little is known about the phenomenon of subspace outside of the BDSM community. The occurrence of subspace tends to be a highly sought-after experience in BDSM interactions (known colloquially as “scenes”), therefore it stands to reason that an exploration of the concept could provide clarity regarding the motivations of BDSM practitioners and the benefits they might receive through BDSM interactions. To this end, this article includes a review of social science literature on BDSM interactions with three goals in mind: 1) to discuss the overarching commonalities that exist within the widely varying realm of BDSM interactions and activities; 2) to gain an understanding of the psychological and cognitive shifts (i.e., subspace) that some submissive BDSM practitioners experience during BDSM interactions; and 3) to explore the potential benefits of subspace that may be derived during consensual BDSM interactions. From an analysis of the literature, I conclude that achieving subspace during consensual BDSM interactions might result in a reduction of physical and emotional stress in the submissive partner, as well as heightened intimacy between participants.

Literature on the subject of the alternative sexual practices of bondage, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism (referred to in this text as BDSM; for a broader explanation of these terms see Connolly, 2006) has historically pathologized BDSM practitioners by focusing on nonconsensual interactions that incorporate elements of sexual sadism or masochism as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [(DSM); American Psychiatric Association (APA), 2013; Richters et al., 2008]. However, over the past two decades, researchers have increasingly considered BDSM desire and expression as an atypical but healthy variation that over 10% of the general population incorporates into their sexual repertoire (Langdridge & Barker, 2007; Masters et al., 1995; Richters et al., 2008), and that 30 to 60% fantasize about (Joyal, 2015; Joyal, Cossette, & Lapierre, 2015). BDSM practitioners are now understood as a cross-section of society with representation across race, age, education attainment, and socioeconomic status, as well as gender- and sexuality-related identifications (, 2013).

While many find it stressful and stigmatizing to identify sexually with a marginalized community (Weinberg, 2006), many BDSM practitioners experience benefits to embracing their sexual orientation or preferences (Williams, 2006). The current shift in clinical attitudes toward BDSM desire and expression may be seen as analogous to the historical classification of homosexuality as a mental illness, and the evolving perspective that same-sex desire represents a healthy form of self-expression (Drescher, 2010; Landridge & Barker, 2007). Recent studies in the realm of BDSM encourage us to shift our thinking about BDSM as a “recreational leisure” activity (Wismeijer & van Assen, 2013, p. 2). Research has explored aspects of the practice, such as motivations (Barker, 2007), demographics (Richters et al., 2008), and variations of experience (Weinberg, 2006), though little attention to date has been paid to specific therapeutic benefits of BDSM interactions. Researchers have suggested that BDSM interactions are motivated by a desire to explore and expand sexual experience (Newmahr, 2008), to release feelings of pressure or guilt (Weinberg, 2006), or to achieve the highly sought-after transcendental state of subspace (Rinella, 2013). Though entering subspace is an aspect of BDSM expression that is regarded as desirable by many BDSM practitioners, it has received little attention in the literature (Newmahr, 2008; Rinella, 2013; Williams, 2006). Through an interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA ) of the literature, I will offer a definition of the phenomenon of subspace, and I will explore the varying means of achieving subspace, as well as the associated benefits of this type of altered state of consciousness.

Subspace Defined

11 Apr 2018

BDSM and the Right to Autonomy

Hot for Kink, Bothered by the Law: BDSM and the Right to Autonomy - Canadian Bar Association

"The things that seem beautiful, inspiring, and life-arming to me seem ugly, hateful and ludicrous to most other people. This may be the most painful part of being a sadomasochist: this experience of radical difference, separation at the root of perception. Our culture insists on sexual uniformity and does not acknowledge any neutral differences — only crimes, sins, diseases, and mistakes.”

Written almost thirty years ago, Pat Calia’s diagnosis of society’s sexual chauvinism still applies in Canada to the more hardcore forms of BDSM (Bondage-Discipline-Sado-Masochism, referred to broadly as “kink”), in practice and in pornography. While there are no laws that explicitly target BDSM activities or representation, Canadian courts have concluded that sex deemed too risky or rough can be criminalized under assault-related provisions, and sexual representation that is deemed “violent”, “degrading” or “dehumanizing” can be criminalized under obscenity provisions. In both cases, consent to the activities does not immunize the practice or the porn from criminalization. The ostensible explanation for this interference with our sexual autonomy is harm reduction. And yet our culture tolerates a wide variety of risky and injurious non-sexual activities, from mixed martial arts to elective cosmetic surgery, while circulating a wide variety of brutal imagery and violent stories, from extreme horror films to depictions of genuine torture and killing.

What might account for this hypocrisy?

Full article below: 

27 Mar 2018

Mistress Leyla

Welcome to My blog. I try to promote, write and publish content relevant to BDSM and issues relating to the scene. I wanted this blog to be more than just a place to write kink related stories, but to touch on issues relevant and offer a go-to place for advice, articles and sometimes controversial issues.

A little about myself. I have been a practicing Professional Domme for over 10 years. I am active in many communities and have a wide interest in the essence of BDSM - mind, body and soul. And I firmly believe the qualities in a good Mistress are many and varied. These qualities are attributed to the person. There are many in the scene who do not understand the difference between being dominant and being domineering. A domineering person is overbearing, aggressive, loud and tyrannical. They control through oppression and enforce their will without consequence. This is not who I am.

I am always looking for people who would like to contribute to this blog, so, if you have an article you'd like to post, please do get in touch.

23 Mar 2018

Do as I say... or suffer the consequences.

Courtesy of : Jay Boy who emailed me this rather delicious story.

There I was again: Standing at Mistress Leyla's cross, naked, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles cuffed to the frame of the sturdy wooden cross. The leather mask over my eyes made it impossible to see anything but the slightest shimmer of light. I could only hear Mistress walking around her play room, opening and closing cabinets and drawers, clearly getting ready for things to come.

I had been in this position before - many times. I had been beaten, tortured and humiliated while at Mistress cross. I had my balls bound and weighed down, my nipples, cock and balls adorned with clamps ranging from mild clothespins to agonizing alligator clamps. Mistresses had subjected me to electric shocks, whipped my cock and made me the subject of the laughter of some her slave and associates.

I was wondering what Mistress Leyla would do today - almost dreaming as she had let me stand there quite a while, full of anticipation. Mistress had said that today's session would be different. Suddenly something hard with  rounded corners touched my right arm. I shuddered, wondering what instrument of torture  Mistress held in her hands.

"What is this slave, ? Can you feel it?" Mistress asked. I started wrecking my brain,  trying to go through every torture instrument I could remember. "A .. a paddle, the narrow side?" "Wrong slave, try again!" Mistress replied and started running the mysterious instrument over my chest, touching my nipples. I now could feel a larger, smooth surface, possibly made of glass. "What is it?" Mistress asked again and started slapping my balls for encouragement, "What is it? - Slap!". My mind started racing - I struggled to think of anything: A chastity tube ? - too flat. A crop? - way too big. Maybe a large electric wand electrode? Before I could get any word out, Mistress interrupted "You need some help do you?"

All of a sudden a phone started ringing … right in front of my face.  My heart stopped for a second: The thing Mistress was holding was my very own phone! Mistress Leyla must have taken it out of my jeans pocket while I was blindfolded at her cross.

"You said, you liked mind games, humiliation and fear didn't you? You also said, you wanted it to be real, didn't you, you fool?" My heart started racing - this was not going to plan! My phone was practically my life in a little box -  contacts, email, Facebook, Twitter - all was in there! I started shaking a little, trying to stay composed and not give away too much of my fear.

"You didn't expect this, did you? We will play a game now", said Mistress, "we will pick three of your contacts, I will call them for you and you will have a  conversation with each of them. If you fail to have a proper conversation you will be severely punished." I started panicking - everybody was in there - from my boss to work colleagues to family to old girlfriends. Even the numbers of other Mistresses were there! - my shaking intensified. Some of these people I could absolutely not call!

"Because I am such a nice Mistress, I will allow you to veto each call, but there will be serious consequences if you do!" Mistress threw me a lifeline. "And I am talking about serious consequences, none of that soft tie and tease nonsense! You will have to really think whether you veto or not" and with that she gave my balls another hard smack.

Mistress started scrolling through my contacts: "I will ease you into the game, no worries …" The first number she picked was that of my local dry cleaners and the forfeit was to be ten strokes with the cane. I gasped - this seemed to be a tough sentence for merely the first step in this game. Mistress knew that I hated the cane - for me there is nothing erotic about it - it's just real, hard punishment. It was clear Mistress was not  keen for me to veto calls. I dreaded the cane, so very nervously I agreed to do the call.

Mistress dialled the number and stuck the phone close to my ear under the mask straps, leaving her with both hands free. The phone started ringing and after a few seconds somebody picked up the phone "Arianna Dry Cleaning, how can I help?". My heart started racing. I desperately made up a ridiculous story about some bed sheets that needed cleaning. As I tried to focus on the call, Mistress came very close to me.  I could feel her leather dress rubbing on my body. She started to caress first my face and then my chest. Mistress fingers gently ran around my nipples. I struggled to focus on the call, "hmm .. ok … and if I bring it in after 5, will that still work?". All of a sudden Mistress  twisted both of my nipples very forcefully. "Aargh!" I couldn't stop a little outburst. The dry cleaning employee paused briefly, but didn't say a thing. How long a minute was!  Mistress now had my balls in her hands, squeezing them tightly. I tensed up, while the dry cleaner went on about dry cleaning versus service washes.

"Hmmm" Mistress moaned, "Ahhmm, ahh" Mistress was quite loud now - it must have been impossible for the dry cleaner not to hear her, "Oh baby, ohh"  I almost froze. Strangely though, if Mistress hadn't squeezed my  balls ever so firmly, I would have been very aroused. I practically heard the dry cleaner smirking on the other end of the line. "Right Sir, you can drop it off any time before 11 tomorrow. We will get anything out of bed sheets ..I will leave you to it now" - I will leave you to it now! - I had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed and I felt unbelievable relief when the dry cleaner finally hung up. I didn't think I would visit his shop in a while.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?" Mistress smiled at me. "Why are you sweating so much - I let you off easy - just wait for the next call! Besides, the guy probably thinks you are a real stud  now fucking a real woman … haha .. maybe I should send him a picture - if only he knew the truth!". With that, Mistress started studying my phone again.

"Hmm, quite a number of girls first names in here ", Mistress raised an eyebrow "Jean, Anne … Who are they?". "Hmm, mostly just friends, really" I stammered, still nervous from the previous call. I dreaded thinking about being exposed or humiliated in front of my friends. "So, who is the hottest girl in your phone book?". I howled in pain - Mistress had kneed me into the balls. "Don't hesitate - you understood my questions, didn't you?". My mind started racing again. Then I thought I had a clever answer: "You are, Mistress!". "Haha, good answer, nice try, I still won't let you off this call.".  Mistress leather-clad hands starting squeezing my balls again. "Who do you fancy in your phone book? Come on, I am sure there is somebody in there you secretly fancy, don't you?". "Hmm, Katie", I blurted out, "Katie". "Alright, there is an answer - so who is this Katie?". "What does she look like - is she good looking?" "She is a work colleague, quite tall, brunette, works out a lot". "Ha ha, so she is really out of your league then, isn't she?". I blushed - "Yes Mistress, probably"

Mistress smiled - "Hmm, sounds like a winner. What about you invite her to have a coffee next week? " I started protesting - this was really going too far now. "Please Mistress, I cannot do that, she will find it odd, please!"

"Well, sweetheart, you know there is a way out: See that strap-on over there and the heat gel. If you don't want to do that call I will take you from behind and fuck your brains out - and I am sure the heat gel will make you remember for the rest of your day!". I knew I really was in trouble now - Mistress had yet again managed to hit on one of my absolute weaknesses: At the best of times, being taken from behind wasn't my thing, but having tried only once before in my life, I knew how agonizing it would be with heat gel applied. Again, Mistress had given me an alternative that would not at all be arousing or sexy, just horrible pain and humiliation. But still, I hesitated, fearful as to how wrong a call with Katie could go.

"Do you need me to remind you what heat gel feels like?". Mistress put on rubber gloves and proceeded to put a little dot of the gel on her finger, motioning towards the tip of my surprisingly erect cock.

"Ok, ok, I will do the call!", I resigned to my fate. I figured that Katie was just an ex-co-worker with pretty much no common friends. Even if this call went wrong, I would probably not be able to get in touch with here again in my life, but at least there shouldn't be any wider consequences.

Before I could  focus my thoughts the phone was already ringing again.
"Hi, its Katie!", "Hi, its Jay - hmm, just thought I get in touch again! How are things going for you?"  We started to chat about work, new jobs  and life in general. The call wasn't going to badly I thought. Suddenly I felt a steel ring being pulled over my cock all the way to the base. I almost froze - worried that my worst fears would come true. Next I could feel a small, cold and seemingly well lubed-up metal rod being inserted into the top of my cock. I instantly recognized the feeling as a part of Mistress electrics kit. I knew from previous experience how agonizing this could become and I lost focus on the phone call. "Hmm, Katie, I was thinking, how about we catch up over a coffee next week?" I could feel a tingling sensation now, running along my cock - Mistress had switched on the electrics. I could see the device set to "Level 1". Not bad I thought - almost a turn-on. On the other end of the line Katie started to make some excuses "Well, I am quite busy, not sure really". 

Suddenly Mistress turned up the electrics and I had to fight hard to maintain any sort of composure. "Try harder - if she refuses I will turn the electrics to level ten - and you know what that means!" Mistress whispered into my ear. I was panicking now - Mistress had only done this once, when I had upset her, and I had  ended up crying and pleading for mercy on the floor. "Hmm, well Katie, really, I would really want to catch up - happy to come out to your area in - hmm - Camberley, you know I am there anyway for work next week" I practically started pleading and hoped that Katie would not hear the desperation in my voice. Mistress notched up the electrics once more and I started shaking. "Ok," said Katie, "why not, there is a small Starbucks here in the town centre - what about Wednesday at 2?". "Yeah cool", I almost shouted with relief as Mistress switched off the electrics. "Well done!" she whispered into my ear.
"Right, let's see if you are up for a real challenge!". Mistress was at my phone again. "Wouldn't it be lovely if  we could set you up with a little love triangle? - The whole Katie date went well, didn't it? What again is the name of your boss' secretary? You know the cute blonde one you once said you fancied?". "Jean" I said - I didn't even have the energy to fight or argue or try to deceive Mistress.

"Jean, ok, yeah that was it. I think you will call Jean now, but you are not just going to ask her for a coffee, you will tell her how you really fancy her  and that you feel there is a real connection between you - make it a proper date this time!"

I was shocked how far Mistress was willing to go - this was absolutely impossible for me. Yes, Jean was quite good looking and I had fancied her, but she was also the biggest gossip in the office. If I tried to go on a date with her, not only would I be rejected, but I would also become the laughing stock of the entire female population in the office. Anyone from receptionist to Sales Director would now what I had tried. I started pleading with Mistress  - "No, please, please not - I can really not do that!". I was genuinely scared and almost regretted that Mistress and I had agreed to stop using safe words a while back. "Well, slave, there is always an alternative you know. Actually, I will be so nice and reasonable, I will let you chose. What do you think your forfeit should be? And make it a good one, something I like - you will face consequences if it's too soft!"

I was trapped now - calling Jean with serious consequences for my life or choosing a punishment for myself was more than I could handle.  Judging by my Mistress previous choices of punishment, I also knew Mistress was in a sadistic mood. Simply proposing a little paddling or maybe an hour in the cage wouldn't cut it.  

I started thinking back to our previous sessions - what had Mistress said in the past she liked? I knew she liked the cane, but I also knew she liked new and innovative punishments too. Then I remembered that she had once said she wanted to try bastinado - not something I had any experience with though. "Come on, slave, or do you want me to dial Jean?", "Ok, Mistress what about bastinado, would that please you Mistress?" Mistress smiled, "Very attentive slave, you remember, I shall keep this in mind for next time, but for today you have to do better." I was resigned to my fate now "Well, Mistress, maybe the cane, hmm 15 strokes?". "Really, only that? - can you do better?". Again, a sense of panic overcame me. I had no idea how to deal with 15 strokes, let alone anything else. "Maybe 20?" I proposed very anxiously, resigned to my fate. "Ok, we are getting there. I like the idea of you enduring this for me. I will remember 20 for next time, but I think for today I have a different plan".

With that Mistress walked over to her bag in the corner of the room and got out her Smartphone. "Your forfeit for the last call will be for me to take some pictures and maybe even a small video of you! - So call Jean or pictures - you choose!".  I was baffled by this turn of events - yet again Mistress had managed to surprise me. "Pictures, hmm, what for Mistress, what do you mean?" "Blah blah, slave, you are not the one asking questions. Better make up your mind quickly or I will film you while you call Jean! - You have got three seconds .. 3 … 2 … 1". "Pictures!" I shouted at Mistress. At least I wouldn't have the embarrassment to call Jean and I figured I might be able to later on negotiate with Mistress as to what happens with the pictures.

"Ok, great, smile for the camera then!" Mistress started to take pictures of me from all angles. "They would be nice for the family album, wouldn't they?" Mistress laughed.

"You know slave, I normally don't allow any sort of satisfaction for my slaves, but you have been so good today, I think you deserve a wank". Mistress untied my right arm from the cross. "Just one second, while I switch the phone to video mode … "

"Also, what's Katie's email address again? …"  

22 Mar 2018

Session with Mistress - A BDSM Story

Submitted by Slaveash

It was quite bright when I got out of my house and looked around. There are not many people on the street. It had stopped snowing a few weeks before; you could still feel the nip in the air. My hands were shaking while locking the door. This had less to do with the cold and more out of apprehension of being seen. I was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I was wearing a long overcoat over a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. I had put on my blue 6” stilettos.  Under my clothes I was wearing matching black bra, black lace panties and black lace garter belt holding up my fishnet stockings on my newly shaved legs. I had a medium size anal plug up my rear. I was now ready to meet my Mistress.

I walked to the bus stop and to wait in queue for the bus, with full my concentration on walking properly in these heels. This was a part of my obedience training. I was to take public transport to mistress’s dungeon. Mistress had given me an option of wearing a knee length pleated skirt or 20 stokes of the cane. I decided on the latter. I was not gaining any extra credits today.

It was still early in the day and there was only a lady ahead of me. She smiled at me and we made small conversation on the weather and the transportation network. Her eyes suddenly spotted my shoes, and she gave me an all knowing smile. I continued speaking on the bus network, blushing with embarrassment. I thought I was saved when the bus arrived, but my anxiety only grew when I saw a group of 4 teenage girls in the bus. I quickly found a seat in the front of the bus and sat down. Only then I realised how high the jeans hike up when I sat. I heard one of the girls exclaim loudly. I could see the 4 of them looking in my direction, whispering in each ones ear and giggling. I looked towards them and tried to smile, which made them burst out in laughter. I must have turned a deeper shade of red. My destination bus stop could not have come any sooner. I rushed out of the bus and started walking towards my mistress’s dungeon. What would usually take me around 10 minutes to cover the distance, took me twice as much today while walking in heels with a butt plug up my ass.

I slowly made my way up the stone stairs to the dungeon doors. Away from prying eyes, the second part of the instructions was on a sheet of paper nailed to the door. As instructed, I wore a leather collar with steel rings kept on the floor. This was a sign of my submission. I was instructed to wear nothing except leather collar, my sissy underwear and my heels. I was then to search the garden area in the back for tools to clean the dungeon floor. I looked around the garden area for the broomstick for my cleaning task. The cold and the excitement made me shiver. But all I could find was a small pail of water with a piece of cloth no bigger than a handkerchief, under a sign that said “Use Me”. It took me a good part of 2 hours to finish my chores. I prepared a jar of iced tea for mistress. Then I knelt in front of the dungeon in submission posture, face on ground, back arched and plugged ass in the air, as instructed waiting for my mistress to grace me with her presence.

I heard my mistress arriving. The sound of her heels on the ground was intoxicating. Each step she took made my heart beat faster. I heard her opening the door and sitting on the chair in front of me. She commanded me, “Footstool, slave. I want to rest my legs”. I quickly went on all fours towards her. I knelt before her on my hands and knees and head facing the floor as she had taught me. I resisted looking up to her as she had ordered before. She rested her left foot over my back and her right on my head. I stayed in that position as mistress chatted over the phone with someone. I waited patiently for her to finish. But it was not so. A couple of long calls later she removed her foot from my head and brought it to my face. Her only words were, “I want it clean… not a spec of dirt on it”, before starting on another call. It was a black peep-toe high heel stiletto covering mistress’s beautiful foot. I immediately got down to licking it clean, both the top and the bottom of the shoe. When I finished the first, I was given the privilege to cleaning the other shoe too.

After she was satisfied that I had done a good job, she placed her feet on me again and sipped on the ice-tea. She gave me an inflatable gag for me to put on, which I put on immediately. She attached a leash on my neck and motioned me to crawl behind her. She took me crawling around the whole house. When we entered the dungeon, she clapped her hands and ordered, “Inspection position, slave. I hope you have followed all of my instructions.” I sprang to my feet. I stood with my feet wide apart, hands spread parallel to the ground and eyes lowered to the floor. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw mistress slowly walking around me. I could feel her cane moving across my back and inner thighs.

She stood in front of me and said, “Good slave… you have followed my instructions on the wardrobe. I am a bit disappointed that you picked the colour black. I would have been pleased if you had picked pink or red. That will be rectified next time. I must complement on your choice of shoes. Tell me, did you ask for help from the sales lady when you bought clothes? Did you do a trial; like I asked you? Or did my sissy slave chicken out and just go to the counter? I want an honest answer.” She removed the gaga to allow me to speak.

I got very nervous when I heard these questions. Should I tell mistress about my aborted attempt at buying from the store? I decided to stick with the truth.  “I am sorry mistress, but I was too embarrassed to be seen buying these clothes from a shop. They were all bought online. Please forgive me.” Mistress sounded very angry when she replied, “I am disappointed with you slave. Buying your own bra and panties from a shop is one of the first things a sissy has to do. Not to mention that you have disobeyed one of my instructions to you. You will be suitably punished for this.” She secured me over the whipping bench and said, “You have already earned 20 strokes of the cane for not wearing the skirt when you came here. What should be your punishment for disobeying my instructions? Don’t tell me to increase the number of strokes. Come up with something new. Something which you will not forget without me having to waste too much energy. Think about it while I administer your 20 strokes. And don’t forget your manners.”

Now mistress had put me in a real spot. I was to thank mistress after each stroke of the cane for disciplining me as well as think of punishment. I didn’t get too much time to ponder. The first stroke of the cane landed on my left ass cheek and I screamed, “One. Thank- you mistress for correcting me.” Mistress alternated between the left and right ass cheek. The strokes increased in intensity till the 18th, by which time I was screaming my lungs out. The last 2 were comparatively lighter. My ass had turned a very dark shade of red with visible stripes where the cane had struck.

Mistress gave me a few minutes to collect my thoughts as she freed me from the whipping bench. “Now slave, tell me your ideas for the punishment. I do hope you have some good ones.